High resolution maps from drone photogrammetry are providing the kind of detail people want and cannot get from satellite imagery. Our drones can be flown over swathes of land while capturing photographs that can be compiled together,at a later time, to generate maps. This kind of approach is ideal for:

1) Conservation work, which can be performed safely in even the toughest of terrains with the aid of a drone and the maps generated from them. 

2) Mapping the land for property and land development from planning through to creation. Drones provide up-to-date, accurate maps of property that can be useful for permit acquisition, regulatory requirements, and for real-time feedback to anyone interested in the development. 

You can clearly see in the image below that the drone imagery ( on the left side of the picture ) allows for much higher resolution images compared to satellite images on the right hand side of the picture. 

We can also offer 3D renderings of any property that we fly over. Although displayed as a rotating gif we could fly this golf course from the perspective of the ball. 
Eliminate the costs and risk of investing in equipment, maintenance, depreciation, replacement, obsolescence, software, insurance, training, and certification.


1) If you don't have a permit to fly your drone in Canadian airspace you will need to get that. This means all involved in the process will have to be trained appropriately and have knowledge of the aircraft and satisfy Transport Canada that this is the case. Our team holds a Transport Canada permit and can be deployed within days to get the information you need. 

2) Flying larger areas of lands requires a systematic approach that accounts for things such as security planning, Nav Canada approval, battery charging processes, constant monitoring of weather conditions, suitable take off locations and in field monitoring of data captured. These are often overlooked and end up being costly to organisations. We have processes in place to maximise efficiency in the field and deal with unforseen situations.

3) Drone technology is evolving rapidly and our team is ensuring that we have the best to suit our needs in the field. We are committed to staying on top of relevant changes in the reguations, integrated software and the drones themselves, so that you dont have to. 

4) If your team is planning on implementing a drone operation in house then there is definitely a benefit to trying before you buy. We can even help you with the process of setting up operations in house.