When you are working with high end real estate you can afford to make use of the latest technology to show the home off. Our luxury home packages offer you choices to capture the most of the home and at this time we are offering introductory rates for frequent fliers. 

Not every home benefits from a drone flight and/or 3D model rendering of it, but the ones that do are the larger luxury homes that can be found throughout beautiful British Columbia. We believe that there is no better way to get familiar with the whole of the outside of a home than with a 3D model created from a rendering of hundreds of photos of a home. 

With one of our cool 3D models you can:

  • View the exterior of the home as it is in its current state. It is compiled from photographs and so every detail is photographic in nature.

  • Spin it around and view the home from any angle, getting an idea for the shape of the whole home.

  • Zoom in on the model to take a look at specific features, from the make and type of roof tiles, to the shape of the chimney pots.

  • We  can even annotate the models to highlight features of interest that you might want to talk about in your listing. 


Our drones connect up to goggles which give a potential homebuyer a perspective of the home via a livestream video feed. A prerecorded video gives them a view according to the editors creative perspective, the goggle view provides a completely different experience.

We can livestream HD aerial video to facebook, youtube, or other social media platforms, allowing you and your clients to share open houses across the internet and increasing exposure for your listing. 

Although our pilots control the drone itself, the goggles give the viewer an opportunity to control the direction of the camera and revisit areas of interest by requesting our pilot to move in certain directions. This way they can inspect details that are important to them, from the ground, and raise any questions they might have about what they observe.

So many homes of this nature are located in beautiful parts of British Columbia, it will also allow them to see the surrounding areas from a higher perspective. The drone remains under our control at all times, but adds a great deal to the end user experience.  

Contact us for a pricing of your home.