Your board of directors are busy people and it is not always easy to make decisions without visiting construction sites to witness what is unfolding. With drone technology, and the integrated software, it is now possible to share the most up to date information on a construction site right into meetings, saving travel time and expenses, and freeing people up to be where they need to be most. This is the way of the future for construction sites and construction companies can outsource or develop in-house programs. We can help with either. 

We can livestream your development to you. From your boardroom, or your online conference, you can view a high resolution livestream video straight from our drones. Our on the ground operators can be directed by a simple text message, or phone call, to fly to a particular location to view it in closer detail. 

Click on the link, spin the model around. Zoom in on any feature that draws your attention. 3D models like these can be acquired in under an hour for even large 100+ acre properties. You can get these done as often as you would like to relay 
key information about progress on site. 

An exciting new service that will of great value to construction sites is the Live Map feature. We fly our drone, capture hundreds of images and as it flies a 2D map begins to evolve. Once the drone has landed it is only a couple of moments before you have a full map of the property. Its not as high resolution as the fully processed model, but it continues to provide way more detail than google maps and you can use them to make decisions rapidly in the field. 
Elevation maps can reveal the change in elevation throughout a site. Colours are used to represent different altitudes, providing information that cannot be seen on a google satellite image. 
We can calculate volumes of fill, dirt and many other important aggregates. This information can then be used to determine the number of trucks needed to remove the soil, as well as the commercial value of it. If you are flying and capturing other information, you may as well get as much information as you possibly can.