Ecodrone Solutions are happy to announce that we now offer services using an underwater drone with onboard camera. We have the ability to provide you with up to 4K videography and 12 mp high resolution photos. 

These are just some of the areas where we can support individuals and businesses with this technology. 

- Boat Hull and Marina Inspections 

- Archaeological Structures underwater 

- Object Recovery Operations

- Marketing Videos (great in combination with our aerial and land based video services)

We are also developing ways to generate 3D models using this technology and working closely with software creators to provide useful outputs. 

4K Videography

12 MP Photos 


Educate young people on the ecosystems of Vancouver Island. You focus on the teaching while we manoeuvre the drone and livestream to the internet. The applications are infinite as we have so many great places on the island with wonderful wildlife and underwater environments!


This can be combined with our aerial services and does not add at all to the cost of the service you purchase.